Did A Truck Ad Lead To The Greatest Album Of All Time?

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It's time to celebrate. At a time when lots of special dates are rightly being remembered, we want to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the release of AC/DC's seminal work, Back in Black. Regarded by many as the greatest album of all time, it holds the record as the highest-selling album for a group

Less Is More

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Less is more. It's not a new saying, but it's not outdated either. Some prefer the more blunt "KISS" (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. Either way, both expressions have an underlying truth, and with today's seemingly decreased attention spans, that truth is more important than ever. But occasionally we need to be reminded. In

How Important Are Trucks?

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"Be Truck Aware". It's a tagline used in a campaign from NSW's Centre for Road Safety (NSWCfRS), and it's a constant theme in our discussions with advertisers too. Therein lies the paradox - on the one hand, the NSWCfRS campaign is necessary to educate drivers, riders and pedestrians about the behaviour of trucks on

Linking Purchases with Media Use

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A 2015 study by StarcomMediaVest Group –“Reaching Consumers During the Purchasing Process” (RCDPP) showed Out of Home (OOH) media had the highest correlation between purchase activity and media usage. The study looked at consumers’ media usage immediately prior to when they were considering, or deciding, or making a purchase. “Immediately prior” was defined as

The Forgotten Cities

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Did you know, according to Adshel (2016), 50% of Sydney's population live more than 20km from the CBD? That’s well over 2 million people – can any advertiser afford NOT to be seen by such a large proportion of the population? Out of Home (OOH) inventory in the CBD and surrounding areas is readily

Prime Travel Time or Prime Truck Time?

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According to the Outdoor Media Association (OMA)/VISTA data, 6am to 8pm is "prime travel time". As the graph shows, it’s very clear that people spend most of their day away from home, and plenty of that time is spent moving, whether it’s commuting, exercising or just being outdoors. Therefore, it is critical that your

Format Flexibility

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Our most commonly used media format is our TruckBack panel. Positioned on the rear of our vehicles, we’ve standardised the size to be square, most commonly 2m x 2m. It’s a size that best fills the available space and minimises intrusions from the truck hardware usually found near the edges at the rear of

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