Why we love truck advertising

We exist to help make you and your message famous. It’s as simple as that.

(And it works).

The numbers don't lie

Whether locally or globally, the numbers tell the same story.


advertising works

Swinburne University (AUS) found that 98% of people in light cars noticed truck-side advertisements. 


in-car audiences are noticing

The USA Trucking Association found that 98% of in-car audiences notice truck ads.


OOH gets our attention

In recent studies, Route (UK) found that  a whopping 98% of the population sees OOH each week.


audiences respond to OOH + mobile campaign

Click-through rates rise +56% above the industry average when OOH is added to a mobile campaign.
(Source: OAAA – USA)


mobile advertising generates more buzz

Perception Research (USA) found that mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard.


increase in OOH attention since the pandemic

OMA (Australia) + AdWeek found that 43% of adult users notice OOH ads more now than before the pandemic.

How we do it

We reach new audiences with your story.

Whether you are an advertiser looking to increase your audience, or a fleet looking to increase the return on your assets, we can help you.


we know
our stuff

Four generations of fleet expertise

Like other transit media such as buses or taxis, where the underlying vehicle has a primary purpose other than advertising.

This means the vehicle has an economic imperative to be on the road as a revenue earning asset for its owner.

that work

Decades of media experience

Trucks navigate through dense cities and towns, which means that ads placed on trucks gain significant brand exposure.

We’re all about delivering your message on road. And by doing this, we reach people who may not otherwise be exposed to your story.

we've got
you covered

Extensive network

Not only are big ads hard to miss, but trucks can go where your market is. 

Whether you’re targeting a wide audience spanning cities or states, or you’re going hyper-local, a truck makes it convenient for you to do both.

What we do

We've got something for every campaign

For the advertiser, we can provide you with a range of advertising space on vehicles in our fleets. TruckBacks, TruckWraps, or special events, we can help you with a solution that suits your campaign goals and budget.


Make the most of your fleet assets

For fleet owners, we can amplify your business’s message using your fleet or other fleets or utilise the space on your vehicles to generate an increased return on your assets. Or any combination.


Services Toyota
With numerous fleets available to us, we provide a range of truck-based media options to media buyers.
Services JLG Fleet

If you have access to a fleet, we can add that to our fleet pool and help you generate a passive income.

Alternatively, we can work with you to make the most of your fleet to magnify your on-road brand presence.

Homepage Gallery McDonalds
Use a vehicle to create an event or series of events that generate media exposure in addition to the vehicle’s exposure.