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Truck Ads is Australia’s leading truck-based media provider. Truck-based media, or truck advertising, is a form of out of home (OOH) media and is often also classified as transit media. It is also a broadcast medium due to the ubiquity of the type of vehicles used and their extensive coverage of metropolitan areas.

Drawing on contemporary campaign experience since 2001, our growing fleet and a legacy as a fourth generation truck-based advertiser, Truck Ads focuses on leveraging the various forms of truck-based media:

  • Bought. Buying space on key positions of metropolitan delivery vehicles. Conceptually similar to other transit media such as buses or taxis, where the underlying vehicle has a primary purpose other than advertising. This means the vehicle has an economic imperative to be on the road, as it is a revenue earning asset for its owner. This generates two important benefits for the advertiser:
    • Cost effectiveness. As the vehicle is already on the road, the true cost of the ad being mobile is borne not by the advertiser, but the underlying vehicle operator; and
    • Visibility. By its very nature, it will be on the road as often as possible.
  • Owned. One of the oldest forms of advertising, dating back to at least the 1800s (Cobb & Co Coaches is a perfect example). Use your own fleet to project your message. A surprisingly high ROI and a media cost of zero.
  • Earned. Using either of the above formats or a customised solution, we can create an event around a vehicle which in turn creates cross media exposure, in addition to the exposure of the vehicle itself.

Did you know that 50% of Sydney’s population lives > 20km from the CBD?

Do you need to broadcast your message across the metropolitan areas of Australia?

Do you need to access areas not available to other media?

Our truck based ads are the answer.

Trucks are big, which is perfect for presenting a message. Their sides are similar in size and shape to billboards, and their backs are similar to the backs of buses, but usually larger. All this means that when our trucks are travelling around the metropolitan areas of Australia, your message can be writ large. Even better, because of the flexibility of our format, you can choose whether to use one side, two sides, just the back, or a combination. It all depends on your goals as an advertiser, your need for reach, frequency and impact, and of course, your budget. Quite possibly the most cost effective form of bought media available today.

Whether it’s providing livery for the local pizza delivery scooters, or highway-based B-Doubles, and everything in between, there is a fleet graphics solution that suits you. If you have a vehicle and a business, then using fleet graphics is the perfect solution, as your media cost is zero, as you already own the media! All you need to pay is the production cost.

We can help you from start to finish and take your idea from a mere thought to a vehicle driving your message along the roads of Australia. Depending on your business, there may even be a way to turn your vehicles into a new revenue stream. We can help with that too.

Richard Branson once wandered across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a tank (as you do). Mark Webber did something similar in his Formula One car. XXXX Gold turned a B-Double into a two-storey pub (with a little help from us). All good examples of high-end vehicle-based events.

They can, of course, be simpler – you may need a truck for a product launch, or a double-decker bus for a specific campaign. You may know you need SOMETHING, but not know where to start. We can help you with all these things – all you have to do is ask.

Did you know you can change the look and colour of your car AND protect it from wear and tear? Vehicle wrapping is increasingly common, and can be used for a number of reasons:

  • Change the colour of your car
  • Protect it from wear and tear
  • Use it to increase your brand presence
  • To increase frequency and impact for your own advertising campaigns.

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