Immediacy! A highly relevant message hitting the target audience when in their vehicles - perfect use of the TruckBack medium.
And that’s a wrap! The end of National Driver Fatigue Week for another year. An excellent reminder to manage fatigue, whether mine, yours or another’s.

But fatigue is a year-round problem. So we need to remain vigilant and alert. And if we see someone fatigued, alarmed!


One of the simplest tools for managing fatigue is a Power nap.

It’s this simple:

And it applies to ALL drivers.

Heavy vehicle operators are governed by strict fatigue management guidelines for good reason. But the principle applies to ALL drivers.


Very simple – humans get tired, irrespective of the vehicle they are controlling.


It’s an enduring year round message, which is why using our TruckBacks is the perfect medium for this message:

• HIGH impact

• Unbeatable immediacy

• Reaching locations inaccessible to other media

• Broadcast endurance

• Cost effective

To achieve the necessary levels of attention, reach and impact, this is a long term campaign.

Which will save lives.

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