Proximity, impact, and visibility - TruckBacks have them all. Even when small and blank, as here, they stand out.
The world has changed and with it, the behaviours of commuters, workers and transport networks.

Various data sets tell us that road traffic has returned to pre-COVID levels.

However, public transport use has dropped significantly and sits somewhere between 50% and 70% of pre-COVID levels, depending on location. And this change has been apparent since emerging from the major lockdown this time a year ago. So it’s sticky – habits have been formed and new behaviours learned. Working from home (WFH) has been a major contributor, as has the fear of public transport. The opportunity to relocate to a regional location and WFH there adds to the change in patterns.

How does this impact advertising? Public transport networks are being used by fewer people. Public transport networks will adjust to changes in patronage, but this also means out of home (OOH) formats linked to public transport will also be impacted. Meanwhile, road congestion still exists at pre-COVID levels, so the proportion of commuters now on road has increased. Similarly, with the increase in WFH and online shopping, truck fleets have never been busier. Which creates opportunity – trucks working harder, a higher proportion of commuters on road and advertisers needing to reach these commuters.

Which advertising format options are available?

We can think of a couple.

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