Blog Post Linking Purchases with Media Use - The strong connection between OOH media consumption and purchasing.
“Reaching Consumers During the Purchasing Process” showed Out of Home (OOH) media had the highest correlation between purchase activity and media usage.

The 2015 study by StarcomMediaVest Group looked at consumers’ media usage immediately prior to when they were considering, or deciding, or making a purchase. “Immediately prior” was defined as within 30 minutes.

There was the possibility that with the increasing utility of smartphones, traditional media may have been usurped by such screens. However, the data showed otherwise. Digital video had one of the lowest correlations, along with TV, with radio having the second highest correlation. OOH was however the king of all advertising media.

Digging deeper, the results remained the same whether the purchase related to subsets of products, such as consumer packaged goods (CPG), or vehicle purchases. It also remained the same irrespective of age groups. For example, this pattern was reflected in the 18+ group, as well as the 18-34 group. It also cut across ethnic demographics, and whether the consumer was considering, deciding or buying.

The message from the research is very clear – you need your advertising to be in OOH!

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