A clean, simple, bold branding campaign for Parkes Hub using TruckBacks.
Did you know, according to Adshel (2016), 50% of Sydney’s population live more than 20km from the CBD? That’s well over 2 million people.

Can any advertiser afford NOT to be seen by such a large proportion of the population?

Out of Home (OOH) inventory in the CBD and surrounding areas is readily available due to the large number of buses, taxis, street furniture, and digital out of home screens (DOOH). But what about the outer areas of Sydney? Population density is lower, public transport is used less; the distances are greater, so more people use cars to get around, and across a wider area. Other outdoor formats are not as available, yet it is still important to be engaging with this important part of the market.

That’s where we can help! Our trucks go where people go, so our truck ads will be as busy in this part of Sydney as any other. Given the number of industrial sites in outer Sydney, our trucks spend even more time there. Ours is a truly broadcast medium, which is why you’ll see truck ads all across Sydney.

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