Blog Post Prime Travel Time or Prime Truck Time? People activity correlates with truck activity - perfect for providing visible truck ads.
According to the Outdoor Media Association (OMA)/VISTA data, 6am to 8pm is “prime travel time”.

As the graph shows, it’s very clear that people spend most of their day away from home, and plenty of that time is spent moving, whether it’s commuting, exercising or just being outdoors.

Therefore, it is critical that your advertising message is visible at these times. Some outdoor media, especially on road media, struggle with that. Next time you wander past a bus or tram depot at lunch time, you’ll notice how full it is. Not ideal when that’s a peak period for people being out of home (OOH). But there is good news!

From 6am to 8pm is also “prime truck time” too. A sample of our fleet shows their average start time is 5:40am, which means they’re already out on the road broadcasting your message when people start appearing, and trucks go where people go, by the very necessity of their being. As the saying goes:

“If you’ve got it, a truck brought it”.

So whether it’s on the way to work in the morning, or when you’re out grabbing lunch, or sneaking in some exercise, trucks are out there delivering their goods, and being seen by plenty of eyeballs.

How good is that?

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