A customised TruckBack for Shell Diesel Extra. An excellent creative use of the available space and a brand and message that fits with the underlying medium.
Our most commonly used media format is our TruckBack. Positioned on the rear of our vehicles, we’ve standardised the size to be square, most commonly 2m x 2m.

It’s a size that best fills the available space and minimises intrusions from the truck hardware usually found near the edges at the rear of trucks.

It’s also a dominant position enabling maximum viewing. Trucks sit high off the ground (usually about 1.3m) and in metropolitan areas, the tops of trucks can legally be up to 4.3m high. We place our media as high as possible between those two heights. This means that unless the truck is ahead of another vehicle of a similar size, those in traffic behind the truck can see the image, even if they’re in heavy traffic behind other cars and light vehicles. So, it’s not only highly visible, but it’s immediate – it’s right there in front of you.

So already, the media format has a number of advantages. But wait, there’s more! We have format flexibility. What does that mean? Outdoor formats require a defined shape, and that includes digital out of home too. Billboards have standard sizes, plus special one-off sizes, such as the silos at Glebe Island in Sydney, which means the actual outdoor signs themselves must be made to fit the frames on those sites. Fortunately, we can offer more flexibility than that, and on two levels. Firstly, anywhere within the 2m x 2m can be used. If your format suits a portrait style, such as 2m x 1m, we can do that. Or you have a wide 16:9 ratio image you want to use, we can do that too, and all without any extra cost. Secondly, as we’ve mentioned, we don’t use all the space on the rear of the truck, but we could. So, if you wanted to own the entire rear of the truck, similar to a format used on buses, then we can do that too.

What does it all mean? It means we can enable you to be even more creative with the space available!

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